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Rodgers Inspire 227 and 233 Have Arrived!


The Inspire Series
The next generation of Home and Church Organs from Rodgers

The new Inspire Series is the next generation of Home and Church organs guaranteed to delight seasoned and new organists alike.

The Model 227 and Model 233 will allow you to perform any style of inspirational music. Packed with features, these entry level organs are anything but basic.

From the Rodgers website:

The inspire series 227 was designed and manufactured as a home organ: the compact console, made from oak and available in different colors, has the classic look to bring inspiration to any home. With its two keyboards, 27 voices in the standard stop list, and 18 orchestral voices, the organ provides a rich variety of musical possibilities.

With its state-of-the-art 165 pipe organ voices in four different styles, the inspire series 233 was especially designed to enhance the spiritual experience. The organ features an integrated 2.1 audio system and can be upgraded with an external 4.2 audio system, making it ideal both for use at home and for a chapel of up to 200 people.

Contact Dewey Kruger for more information on these gorgeous instruments.